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Why Our Patient Choose US

Dr. Jain brings more than 15 years of dental experience to the practice.

We have dentists who can deal with any kind of dental problems.

We are open 5 days a week from 8 am to 5 pm.

We offer many different types of dental restorations to replace any broken or missing teeth.

We use the latest technology to cure dental issues and do cosmetic dentistry.

To shoo away your fear, we have plenty of things to make you comfortable.

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What Makes Us Different

Honest and Trustworthy

At Smiles at Murphy, we strive to do things MUCH differently. Our Dentist takes the time to explain everything in a way you'll understand.

One-on-One Approach

When you come to our Clinic, it's all about you. This means as soon as you come through our doors, you will always have our full and undivided attention.

We Treat Our Patients like Family

Before treating any patient, we believe to create a bond of trust between us so as to make them comfortable during the surgery or treatment.

Professionals who are immensely experienced

Highly Qualified Team Of Dentists

Know More About Our Clinic

Dr. Jain is a renowned dentist in the city of Murphy. She has gained vast knowledge and experience in this field and has served thousands of patients till the date.

In our many years of experience, we notice that cooperative patients come in for their regular cleanings and scheduled visits, but will begin to skip their checkups if they were to ever lose their dental insurance.

At Smiles At Murphy, our mission is to advise our patients on how to maintain good dental habits so they can keep their original teeth for a lifetime.


Our Success Stories

Cristiane G.

A great local dentist in Murphy. The doctor is so nice and knowledgeable. The staff and dental hygienists are great. The lady who answers the phone is very polite and helpful. Our family switched to this practice. We’re very pleased. Beautiful new office.

Nancy B.

Great group of people here. Very professional and friendly. I have always been pleased by the work done here for my dental health and needs.

Caitlynn M.

Awesome staff as always !!
Alex and Judy at the front desk were awesome Veronica and Dr.Jain are very sweet and amazing! My daughter has been going to her for a little over two years, now my husband and I drive out there also, and I do not mind the hour half drive because Dr. Jain and her staff make it worth the drive!

Stephen H.

Dr. Jain and her staff are kind and caring every time I have been into see her. Her new office is very nice.

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